Our initial business model was to form a new company that combined a comprehensive array of specialized commercial real estate services with professional accounting, financial and tax services. Choosing "Integrated" was only natural since it captures IRES's unique blending of professional accounting and real estate services under one roof. After several months of careful groundwork and planning, IRES was formed in the spring of 1997.

The firm has grown steadily since its inception and now manages a portfolio of office buildings, corporate headquarters, industrial parks and retail properties of over 5 million square feet in the greater Seattle area. The company is well represented in all the major Seattle sub-markets, including Downtown, the Eastside, the I-90 corridor and the Kent valley.

Today, IRES provides professional real estate services to an exceptional group of institutional, corporate and private Clients. We are indeed fortunate to work with such highly regarded organizations and people!

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to be involved in the design development, construction, start-up, commissioning and management of several significant and technologically advanced office building projects.

Examples include:

1015 Third Avenue
Headquarters of Expeditors International

The Parkview and Waterside Buildings
Headquarters of Getty Images

505 Union Station
Headquarters of Vulcan Inc.

5th & Bell
Headquarters of Agilent Technologies and Heartstream Division

West 8th
A 28-story LEED Gold office building developed by Touchstone, Inc.

In a similar role, we were recently retained to provide consultative services to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation during its design and construction.

Our involvement in the early stages of these projects underscores one of our firm's unique strengths: to help owners, tenants, developers and design/construction teams look at a development project from an operating standpoint, which subsequently helps optimize functionality, long-term efficiency and asset value.

One of our company's earliest formed practices — and still one at the core of our business philosophy — is to utilize experienced professionals in all facets of our day-to-day business, and to designate one of the firm's Principals as a single point of contact for the delivery of all client services. We believe this has provided us, and our Clients, a significant competitive advantage over the years.

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1015 Third Avenue, Suite 900
Seattle, WA 98104

T 206.515.0630
F 206.903.8385
E service@ires1.com

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